Cleaning and care products for roll-over and conveyerized carwashes, as well as self-service wash installations

SONAX – Care expertise in the carwash business

Whether you operate a roll-over, conveyerized or self-service carwash, as a vehicle wash expert you have come to the right place!

The top quality and high performance products in the SONAX assortment reflect the knowledge gained from 60 years of research and development at the company’s headquarters in Neuburg an der Donau. SONAX products for carwash installations fulfill the highest requirements with regard to environmental compatibilty, ease of dosing, good cleaning effect, as well as optimum protective features. A professional marketing concept creates a distinction from the competition and conveys the positive image of the SONAX brand to the wash customers.

The SONAX Complete Programme guarantees:

Approved by leading carwash manufacturers:

SONAX is a development partner and recommended by:

Whether in-bay automatic, conveyor or self-service car washes – SONAX offers the ideal cleaning and care products for any wash process. The high-quality products ensure best results – for great customer satisfaction and success in the car wash business.
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