Your competitive advantage: Long-lasting high gloss preservation and foam polish from SONAX

SONAX FormelPLUS Active hard wax care Limit and SONAX Formel21 turn every rollover and tunnel wash facility into a spa for cars. Innovative care substances are worked into the paint surface. The pores are closed producing a long-lasting protection against harmful environmental influences. Faded paint and plastic surfaces are reconditioned, colours are intensified.

The result: a brilliant gloss and long-lasting preservation at the same time. Outstanding shine and clearly visible preservation lead to highest customer satisfaction and stimulate the car wash business.

This unique care from SONAX with natural Carnauba wax turns your car washing into a premium care system – a high-quality protection of paint, chrome, plastic and rubber parts lasting for weeks. Your plus in the car wash business SONAX meets highest quality demands in the car wash business. Benefit from the fantastic SONAX FormelPLUS technology! The result convinces any customer. The regular wash with SONAX FormelPLUS prolongs the life of the paint and thus maintains the vehicle’s value. Offer your customers a special additional value – you win new clients and generate customer loyalty Yield clear competitive advantages and higher average wash prices. Experiences of successful car wash operators prove it: SONAX FormelPLUS obtains highest customer satisfaction Maintains, intensifies, protects! Holds the splendor, nothing else! SONAX FormelPLUS bases upon an innovative formula with first-class Carnauba wax. The wet wash brushes work the microscopic Carnauba wax particles in, which then compound with the paint surface during the car wash. The result: an extremely dense and durable hard wax preservation. This invisible, glassy protective layer that produces a special deep shine makes even fine scratches unseen. Paint, chrome, plastic and rubber parts are maintained, colours are intensified. Less dirt clings to the different surfaces, and cleaning is easier. The SONAX FormelPLUS protection lasts six times longer than conventional hot wax. To apply SONAX FormelPLUS a facility with the respective equipment is necessary. Leverage your potential – we are happy to give you some advice!
The high-quality Formel21 technology was especially designed for automatic car wash facilities. After the removal of rough soiling, the innovative foam polish is applied to the vehicle in a high concentration during the Gloss foam care programme. The solid intensive foam, which develops, covers the whole car. This foam is then worked into the paint with the wash brushes. The high-quality wax penetrates and closes all pores. In addition, SONAX Formel21 refreshes the vehicle’s rubber and plastic parts, and restores their original shine. Excellent drying result, brilliant gloss Long-lasting protection against aggressive environmental influences Premium care that drivers do not get in every car wash – that’s your competitive advantage SONAX Formel21 yields high satisfaction and turns casual customers into regular customers. You win additional clients and achieve higher average car wash prices. SONAX Formel21 can be processed in virtually any facility without producing additional reconstruction costs.