SONAX Formel21 – Innovative wax-based foam polish – lasts three times longer than conventional hot wax

The high-quality Formel21 technology was especially designed for automatic car wash facilities. After the removal of rough soiling, the innovative foam polish is applied to the vehicle in a high concentration during the Gloss foam care programme. The solid intensive foam, which develops, covers the whole car. This foam is then worked into the paint with the wash brushes. The high-quality wax penetrates and closes all pores. In addition, SONAX Formel21 refreshes the vehicle’s rubber and plastic parts, and restores their original shine.

  • Excellent drying result, brilliant gloss
  • Long-lasting protection against aggressive environmental influences
  • Premium care that drivers do not get in every car wash – that’s your competitive advantage

SONAX Formel21 yields high satisfaction and turns casual customers into regular customers. You win additional clients and achieve higher average car wash prices. SONAX Formel21 can be processed in virtually any facility without producing additional reconstruction costs.