SONAX SX90 PLUS with EasySpray counter display

The ideal trouble shooter for any automobile, hobby, household, work and workshop use: Loosens rusted or stuck parts (e.g. nuts, screws and switches), and protects against re-corrosion. Makes locks, lock cylinders, rolls, springs and metal rails run smoothly. Cures squeaking and creaking noises of windows, doors and hinges. Protects, lubricates and preserves sensitive parts of power tools and engines, clockworks, household appliances and gardening tools. Also suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of weapons, precision equipment and machines. Cleans, protects and lubricates bicycle and motorbike chains and pinions. Can be used as contact spray for ignition systems, dispels moisture, keeps electronic contacts clean, and prevents leakage currents. Removes tar, adhesive residue and price labels. With EasySpray: the double spray system for extensive and targeted application without nozzle exchange.

Article Number: 04739410
Contents: 100 ml

Additional product information:


  • Loosens rusted or seized parts and protects against renewed corrosion.
  • Makes locks, lock cylinders, rollers, springs and metal guides run smoothly.
  • Eradicates squeaking and creaking noises.
  • Protects, lubricates and preserves sensitive parts of power tools and motors.
  • Suitable as a contact spray for ignition systems, displaces moisture, keeps electronic contacts clean and prevents leakage currents.
  • Dissolves and removes tar, adhesive residues and sticky labels.


  • Rust, dissolver, lubricant, cleaner, corrosion protection, contact spray and penetrating oil, all-in-one.
  • Neutral in colour and odour.
  • Compatible with plastics.
  • Does not resinify.
  • Overhead sprayable.
  • Extensive and pinpoint spraying possible.


Shake can before use. Spray on a thin film. For pinpoint spraying, attach the spray tube to the nozzle, with SX90 PLUS EasySpray lift up the spray tube. Use the SONAX Pump vaporiser (article number 04969000) with large containers.

PLEASE NOTE: When working on electrical parts, allow to ventilate for 2 minutes before reassembling and putting into operation.

Application area

  • Universally applicable, transparent multifunctional oil.
  • Ideal for cleaning and maintenance of tools, precision instruments and machines.
  • Especially suitable for loosening rusted and seized bolts, screws and switches.
  • Ideal for lubricating metal guides, hinges, rollers etc.
  • Protects all metal parts and surfaces against damp and corrosion.
  • Proven in the metal working industry, in electrical and mechanical engineering, in the construction industry, in vehicle repair shops, in transport services, agriculture and forest management.