SONAX Polishing pad grey 160 ( extra-soft, anti-hologram)

Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Super soft, finely pored sponge for machine finish polishing. Velcro fastening ensures rapid swapping of sponges.

Article Number: 04932410
Contents: 1 piece/s

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Fine nano polishing agents gently return the shine to new and slightly weathered paintwork. Quickly and easily gives a perfect high gloss to the paintwork. Scratch resistant paints can be polished, professionally and hologram-free. Contains no wax or silicone. Medium abrasive effect (cut). Silicone-free.
Article Number Contents
02083000 1 l
Article Number Contents
02783000 1 l
Super soft, fine pored sponge for machine finish polishing of paintwork with SONAX PROFILINE polishes. Diameter 200mm. Velcro fastening for faster disc change.
Article Number Contents
04936410 54 g
Article Number Contents
04939410 6 piece/s