Coarse abrasive paste for orbital polisher processing, for sanding down scratched or locally sanded paint layers. Powerful removal rate with simultaneous high gloss level. Removes sanding marks up to P1500. Removes deep scratches as well as corrosion due to bird droppings, insects and tree sap. Silicone free and low in dust.

Article Number: 02451410
Contents: 250 ml

Additional product information:

Article Number: 04507000
Contents: 3 piece/s
Article Number: 04934000
Contents: 1 piece/s


  • Powerfully abrasive with simultaneous high gloss level
  • Removes deep scratches as well as corrosion through bird droppings, insects and tree sap
  • Silicone free and low in dust


Special professional polish for orbital machines. Provides optimal scratch removal, impressing deep shine and outstanding restoration of colours. In single-level processes, it yields results that had previously been possible with rotary processes only. For a top hologram-free result. Silicone free and low dusting (low-dust technology).
Article Number Contents
02423000 1 l
The professional cloth for the highest requirements in paintwork care results, even on sensitive surfaces. No residues, no wiped-in scratches. Extremely soft and absorbent. With rounded-off corners and turned-in edges.
Article Number Contents
04507000 3 piece/s
Harder, fine pored sponge for abrasive polishing of scratched and weathered vehicle paintwork. High service life due to the good ventilation and special cooling at the hub. The high absorption capacity of the sponge prevents the polish from splashing. Diameter 143 mm. Faster disc change due to velcro fastening.
Article Number Contents
04934000 1 piece/s