SONAX Microfibre Wash Glove

Practical and convenient glove for the cleaning of vehicle exterior areas. The soft and smooth microfibre quality ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning of all paintwork, glass and plastic surfaces. Intensive cleaning with maximum surface protection: The dirt is held in the fibres and cannot, therefore, scratch the surfaces. The ergonomic shape of the glove, with thumb and a separating seam in the finger area, as well as the elastic cuff, prevents it from twisting or slipping off.

Material composition: 79% Polyester, 21% Polyamide.

Article Number: 04282000
Contents: 1 piece/s

Additional product information:


  • Especially soft in microfibre cloth quality - no scratching
  • Handy, ergonomic and convenient
  • Washable up to 40° C.

Textile Labelling Act

79% Polyester, 21% Polyamide


The SONAX XTREME Wash+Seal Wash and Sealant is the quickest way to a clean, well maintained and protected vehicle. A simple car wash provides a mirror shine, and a long lasting water and dirt repellent  conservation. Also ideal for long term sealed vehicles to freshen up the water repellent effect. 
Article Number Contents
02442000 500 ml
Foaming shampoo powerfully dissolves dirt and has a fruity berry fragrance, for the complete vehicle.
Article Number Contents
02483000 1 l
Concentrated shampoo with refreshingly fruity fragrance.
Article Number Contents
03185410 2 l
Shampoo concentrate with fresh scent
Article Number Contents
03245410 2 l
Removes the dirt quickly and thoroughly from all paintwork, rubber, plastic, vinyl and glass surfaces. Gentle on paintwork due to its pH neutral formulation and does not adversely affect existing protective wax coatings. Also suitable for use in high pressure cleaners. With Ocean fragrance.
Article Number Contents
03255410 2 l
Thoroughly removes even stubborn dirt contamination on the bicycle.
Article Number Contents
08524000 750 ml
The powerful cleaner thoroughly and particularly gently removes even most stubborn dirt from the entire bike.
Article Number Contents
08525000 5 l