Plastic care for the professional valeting business. Freshens colours, provides subtle sheen and laminates matting and scratches. Preserves all plastics in the car interior. Ideal engine block conservation. Solvent-free. Easy to use immediately after washing the engine. Can also be used on the outside of the car.

Concentrate: Gloss level can be adjusted by dilution with water.

Article Number: 02057050
Contents: 25 l

Additional product information:

Article Number: 04172000
Contents: 1 piece/s
Article Number: 04997000
Contents: 1 piece/s


The universal trouble shooter for car, household, hobby, factory or workshop. Loosens rusted or jammed components (e.g. bolts, screws and switches) and protects against renewed corrosion. Keeps locks, lock cylinders, rollers, springs and metal guides free moving. Eradicates squeaking and creaking noises on windows, doors and hinges. Protects, lubricates and conserves sensitive components in electrical tools, engines, clockwork mechanisms, household and garden equipment. Also suitable for cleaning and maintenance of firearms, fine mechanical instruments and machines. Cleans, protects and lastingly lubricates bicycle and motor bike chains and pinions. Suitable as a contact spray for ignition systems. Dispels moisture, keeps electrical contacts clean and prevents surface current leakage. Dissolves and removes tar and glue deposits and sticky labels.
Article Number Contents
03395050 5 l
Universal, refill spray bottle. Empty. Volume: 0.6 litres
Article Number Contents
04997000 1 piece/s
Accessory for applying plastic care products in vehicle interiors. Due to its ergonomically convenient handling, it can even reach difficult to access places.
Article Number Contents
04172000 1 piece/s