SONAX PowerAir Clean

Compressed air operated suction cup gun with patented ball technology for interior cleaning. A ball rotates inside the hopper and creates a rotating air vortex. Can be used either exclusively with air or in combination with a cleaning fluid. Only 4 bar pressure required and quieter than conventional suction cup guns.

Article Number: 04169050
Contents: 1 l

Additional product information:

Article Number: 03216050
Contents: 10 l
Article Number: 04167410
Contents: 103 g
Article Number: 04507000
Contents: 3 piece/s


The professional cloth for the highest requirements in paintwork care results, even on sensitive surfaces. No residues, no wiped-in scratches. Extremely soft and absorbent. With rounded-off corners and turned-in edges.
Article Number Contents
04507000 3 piece/s
Thoroughly and gently removes even stubborn dirt from car interior trims, upholstered seats, textile covers, plastic roof linings and sun roof. Leaves a fresh fragrance in the car.
Article Number Contents
03216050 10 l
Ergonomic cleaning brush for the dry and wet cleaning of textiles and for the thorough and gentle cleaning of smooth leather surfaces. Ideal for use in combination with the special SONAX upholstery / textile and leather care products.
Article Number Contents
04167410 103 g
Compressed air powered pistol with suction container, which atomizes air as well as cleaning fluids and swirls them around under high pressure.
Article Number Contents
04169410 1 piece/s