SONAX PROFILINE HeadlightCoating

Ceramic long term sealant for plastic headlights on vehicles.

The Silicon-carbon based protective coating is resistant against environmental influences and vehicle washes and prevents the headlights from bleaching out through the UV radiation contained in the sunlight.

Durability up to one year.

Effectiveness confirmed by Osram.

Package contains 10 x 5 ml sachets, sufficient for 20 applications.

Article Number: 02765410
Contents: 10 piece/s

Additional product information:

Article Number: 02761410
Contents: 250 ml
Article Number: 04222000
Contents: 15 piece/s
Article Number: 04507000
Contents: 3 piece/s


If necessary, carefully prepare the headlights with Headlight Polish (Art. No. 0761410).

Tear open a sachet and pour into a clean SONAX Polishing Cloth (Art. No. 04222000) and apply thinly onto the clean and dry headlight. One sachet’s contents is intended sufficient to treat two headlights.

Wipe off the residues immediately with a Microfibre Cloth ultra fine (Art. No. 04507000). Allow afterwards a hardening time of at least 4 hours, during which the vehicle must not get wet.

The first vehicle wash should be carried out after 1 week at the earliest.


Highly alkaline precleaners e.g. in carwash installations can attack the protective coating. Therefore, observe the water beading action on the headlights regularly, as this may indicate the functionality of the protective film. Seal again if necessary.


The professional cloth for the highest requirements in paintwork care results, even on sensitive surfaces. No residues, no wiped-in scratches. Extremely soft and absorbent. With rounded-off corners and turned-in edges.
Article Number Contents
04507000 3 piece/s
Special abrasive polish for freshening up yellowed and matt plastic headlights. Removes minor to medium scratches, restores the original clarity Ensures an optimum luninous efficiency. Increases driving safety and enhances the overall appearance. For front and rear headlights. For use with a polishing machine.
Article Number Contents
02761410 250 ml
Headlight kit for professional use. All needed tools together in a thought-out set.
Article Number Contents
04057410 325 ml
Fluffy, soft high quality polishing cloth. The ideal accessory for radiant polishing results. Gentle on paintwork; leaves no scratches. The structure of the cloth guarantees that paintwork care products are fully utilised. Resistant against solvents.
Article Number Contents
04222000 15 piece/s