Vehicle Valeting/Paint Finish

This is the right place to come for efficient professional car valeting

The SONAX ProfiLine portfolio offers special products for professional vehicle valeting and paintwork finish. The high-tech product and accessories range is silicone-free, makes your work more efficient and saves time and money!

Top rankings in the technical press and of reputable research institutes document the high quality standard of the SONAX brand.

In car care, there are tremendous demands on the product that cannot be covered by the consumer product range. The SONAX ProfiLine portfolio offers special products for professional car valeting which meet these high demands.
Experience the most powerful car paint protection that ever existed!
Benefit from the market leader’s advantages! Contact us and learn more about your possibilities to be part of this! 60 years of experience in car care, highest consumer awareness and maximum advertising power – that’s just a part of the advantages that come with the SONAX partner concept.The optimal and time-saving SONAX system and the coherent professional portfolio promise quality which provides customers with confidence. Individual support Competent advice Tips and tricks from SONAX experts Professional training Certificate Expertise and know-how Efficient workflow Costs reduction and increase in profit Attractive advertising Service flyer Partner sign 100 x 100 cm Partner flag 120 x 300 cm Service record + service pass Certificate Poster “paint restoration” Brand usage free of charge “SONAX care guaranteed” sticker Interior banner 100 x 200 cm
Here you will find information around the subject vehicle valeting and paintwork finishing. Besides the new PROFILINE products the winter brochure and our workshop programme are available to download. Workshop Programme Here you can find the current SONAX programme for your workshop. If you are interested in professional cleaning, care and maintenance products, you can browse through at your leisure! You will certainly find something! SX-1606-PFA_PCV-60S_GB_0514_LR.pdf (16.1 MB) Windscreen Washer Unit Abfüllkonzept_GB.pdf (670.6 kB) Professional Car Care Service Flyer_Dienstleistungen_GB.pdf (2.8 MB) POLISH FLEX Flyer_FLEX_2012_GB.pdf (937 kB) ProfiLine Finishing Process Plakat Lackfinish GB.pdf (1.2 MB) Professional Paintwork Restoration Professional Paintwork Restoration_1216.pdf (6.6 MB) Professional Vehicle Valeting Prospekt Leitfaden GB_final.pdf (5.8 MB) SONAX ProfiLine Detailing Products SF_ProfiLine_USA.pdf (2 MB) Paintwork Coating Hybrid Net Brochure SX-2019 Folder Hybrid Net_GB_0613_v2.pdf (2 MB) Paintwork Coating Hybrid Net SX-1794_Plakate Leitmotiv HNP_A0_GB.pdf (4.2 MB) Paint Coating Hybrid Net SX-1794_073 Sticker Hybrid Net GB 0613_HR.pdf (1.7 MB) Paintwork Coating Nano Pro Brochure SX-1327-NLP-Folder_GB_0613_v2.pdf (1.9 MB) Nano Paint Protect 1040985_06_Einleger.pdf (1.3 MB) Paint Coating Nano Pro SX-1794_079_Sticker NLP GB 0613_HR.pdf (1 MB) Paintwork Coating Nano Pro SX-1794_Plakate Leitmotiv NLP_A0_GB.pdf (4.4 MB)