Experience the most powerful car paint protection that ever existed!

SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36 reacts flexibly to damaging environmental influences:

The problem

All year round, your vehicle’s paintwork is attacked by aggressive environmental influences. The surface becomes porous, bleaches out and becomes dull and matt.

The solution

The highly reactive CC36 paint protection produces an extremely resistant, but flexible network on the paintwork. It protects the vehicle for a long time and provides an easy-to-clean surface with unparalleled deep shine.

What is SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36 used for?

When force reveals its weakness, flexibility shows its full strength.

Flexible long-term protection

The hard as glass long term protection coats the body in two steps like a second skin.

SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36 is a flexible long-term protection with extreme resistance to UV radiation, chemicals, and aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar, road and industrial pollution.
Modified nanoparticles reactively anchor to a highly resistant network.

• Strengthens the resistance of the paint
• Optimized gloss and colour depth
• Facilitates cleaning

What is special about SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36?

When using SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36, you do not need a breathing protection.

SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36 can be applied without paint pistol.

The curing of SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36 is achieved without additional infrared radiation.

How does SONAX PROFILINE CeramicCoating CC36 work?

1) After application

Modified, siliceous particles couple reactively after the application of the BaseCoat.

2) After polishing

Afterwards, they covalently bond to the paintwork to produce an extremely resistant, glossy surface.

3) After one hour

Highly resistant, protective network against influences of chemicals, UV radiation and mechanical wear.

4) Gloss sealant

Additional polymer composite in the GlossCoat provides a glossy sealing, optimal smoothness and long-lasting waterrepellent effect.


8-piece set consisting of:

  • SONAX PROFILINE BaseCoat (1)
  • SONAX PROFILINE GlossCoat (2)
  • 2 Application sponges
  • 1 microfiber cloth
  • 2 gloves