Suitable for all glass surfaces on the interior and exterior of vehicles and buildings. Reliable and residue-free removal of insects, oil, silicone, exhaust residues as well as nicotine residues. Dries quickly and streak-free thanks to the use of high purity, especially softened water.

Article Number: 03356000
Contents: 10 l

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Article Number: 04509410
Contents: 3 piece/s


Glass cleaner for streak-free vision. Instantly frees windscreens and headlights from insects, dirt, exhaust deposits and nicotine. Quickly and easily eradicates smear films and nicotine deposits from car interior windscreens and mirrors. Also ideal for household use on windows and mirrors. Phosphate-free.
Article Number Contents
03386000 10 l
Glass cleaner for the professional cleaner. Reliably removes insects, oil, silicone exhaust and nicotine residues from all interior and exterior glass surfaces. Dries quickly and without streaks, due to the use of specially softened water.
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03355000 5 l
Very absorbent large-sized cloth 50 x 60 cm for the use with glass cleaners. Ensures streak-free cleanliness. No lint due to short pile microfibres.
Article Number Contents
04509410 3 piece/s