SONAX Dosage bottle

Dosage bottle for professional users for a targeted application of SONAX PROFILINE polishes. Content 240 ml.

Article Number: 04961000
Contents: 240 ml

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Fine nano polishing agents gently return the shine to new and slightly weathered paintwork. Quickly and easily gives a perfect high gloss to the paintwork. Scratch resistant paints can be polished, professionally and hologram-free. Contains no wax or silicone. Medium abrasive effect (cut). Silicone-free.
Article Number Contents
02085000 5 l
Specially developed for the one step polishing of localised sanded paintwork defects such as dust inclusions or paint runs. Special nano abrasives enable effective scratch removal with optimum shine and without inducing holograms or buffing marks on the paintwork. Removes sanding marks up to grit size P2000.
Article Number Contents
02245000 5 l
Innovative polish with effective abrasive performance for the speedy removal of defects such as dust inclusions, paint overspray and sanding marks after refinishing work. Highly abrasive with simultaneous good gloss level. Long processing time with outstanding wipe down. Ideally suitable for polishing sanded areas. Removes sanding marks of P1500 abrasive paper.
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02255000 5 l
Special professional polish for processing with an orbital polisher, provides optimum scratch removal, an impressive deep shine and an unprecedented rejuvenation of colours.
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02425000 5 l
Polish for weathered and scratched paintwork. Removes dust occlusion, paint overspray, sanding marks and scratches. Silicone-free.
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03195000 5 l
Metallic wall bracket for PROFILINE polishes in the 5 litre canister system. Ideal for bulk consumers.
Article Number Contents
04962000 284 g
Pressure dispenser for polishes in the 5 ltr. canister system. Easy, drip free dosing in smaller handling containers. Ideal for bulk consumers.
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04962410 138 g