SONAX Polishing sponge red 160 (hard) Six-Pack

Article Number: 04939000
Contents: 6 piece/s

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Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Hard, finely pored pad for abrasive polishing of scratched and weathered vehicle paintwork. Velcro fastening enables rapid pad change.
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04931000 1 piece/s
Hard fine-pored sponge for machine sanding polish for scratched and weathered paints using SONAX PROFILINE polishes. Diameter 80 mm. Faster disc changes thanks to Velcro fastening. 6 polishing sponges in a plastic box. For rotary polishing machines and eccentric machines with 75x backing pad.
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04937000 6 piece/s
Hard, fine pored sponge for abrasive polishing of scratched and weathered paintwork with polishing machine and SONAX PROFILINE polishes. Diameter 200mm. Velcro fastening for faster disc change.
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04937410 60 g
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04938410 6 piece/s
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04939410 6 piece/s